About us


GeoLogin 3G was created in 2016 and is based in Vevey (Switzerland) at the cross-roads of many centres of excellence in Geosciences, i.e. ETH Zürich, Universities of Bern, Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg. We have agreements with many laboratories inside and outside Switzerland for an access to their facilities. If needed, for a rapid turn around, I can speed up the analyses using our worldwide laboratory network in EUROPE, USA, ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA. Our background in Earth Sciences is covering structural geology, tectonics, isotope geochemistry, petrology, sedimentology, thermal modelling and geomatics.


I have a lot of experience in different and very challenging O&G rich basins such as the Amazon Basin (Ecuador & Peru), Northern Africa, Zagros and Caucasus. GeoLogin 3G's policy is to be deeply involved in the interpretation of the analyses because we know that without a robust expertise the thermal reconstructions will be useless.

Thermochronological analyses are being used more and more in geodynamical studies since the 90's to quantify uplift, differential fault movements, but also to decipher between climate or tectonic driven denudation (Fig. 7).


We transfered our knowledge to propose a novel approach regarding O&G 

Figure 7: Number of apparition (N) for the words uplift, thermochronology and U-Th-Sm/He in the title of published articles in the top 20 peer review in Earth Sciences (source web of sciences).

Geoffrey Ruiz


BSc. Geology, Institut de Physique du Globe Paris, 1995; Msc. Tectonics, Montpellier. Ph.D Structural Geology, Sedimentology and low-Temperature thermochronology, ETH Zurich, 2002. I have a strong mapping and sampling background in the Andes, northern Africa, Middle-East, and two decades of Isotope Geochemistry laboratory experience and training in the best European Institutes.


By the end of the 90's and beginning of the 2000's I worked in the challenging Andean Amazon Basin and Eastern Cordillera of both Ecuador and Peru.


Apart from the Andes, I have extensive world-wide in field experience and in the quantification of paleo-thermal histories in a great variety of geological terrains. Since 2006 I worked extensively in Hercynian, PreCambrian, Mesozoic and Cenozoic terrains in northerm Africa and Middle-East. I participated in joint project with oil industry in Iran (4 years) within the frame of Ph.D supervisions and R&D projects with the NIOC and Total SA.


I have a track record of constraints on many different orogen-basin areas, for example, the Caucasus/Rioni (4 years) and Tunisia (4 years). I am fluent in Spanish and French. Over the last few years, numerous presentations have been made at Geology-Geochemistry and Petroleum-related international conferences worldwide.